Monday, 10 May 2010

EAA Le Nivex Gauges

And more parts. This time a Le Nivex gauge in superb condition. It can pretty much go straight onto the car. There's a second one too, I'll probably sell that once I'm certain the first one needs no spare parts.

It's interesting that all the gauges I'm finding are in French!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Another Rotax FT26

I have bought a second Rotax FT26 from eBay. The first one is in a rare old state and is missing its back box. This one is much better and has its back-box, but is missing the brass front plate. Between the two, I now have a complete FT26 which is brilliant. I never really expected to find one, finding two is just superb luck.

Other parts have arrived. I have the first Claudel Hobson AZP carburettor and a flywheel. These are very important. I swapped my spare starter motor for them. I still need a second carb, but this is fantastic news.