Thursday, 26 September 2013

The perfect Auto-Klean at last...

It took him four years, but he's finally found exactly the right Auto-Klean! Right now it's more an Auto-Filthy, and the filter itself might be dead, but a new filter can be fitted. 1920s technology, and still manufactured today. Search for Auto-Klean to find pics of previous purchases, one of which will be cannibalised for the filter.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rear Axle on!

September 2013 has been a crazy month and it's not over yet! So much progress, I now have a rear axle! Springs on both sides, and axle stands under the axle.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cantilevered rear suspension, one side finished

Meanwhile, work continues on the cantilevered rear suspension. One side is done. This photo is of test fitting the front hanger of the right hand rear spring. I'm getting close and closer to having wheels again. The grease nipple hasn't been fitted to the spring hanger yet, you can see the lug in the casting ready for it.

Gearbox casing repairs, welding oil impregnated aluminium

Restoring a car like me is about running dozens of things in parallel and then bringing them all together. We're nowhere near ready for the gearbox yet, but repairs have started, gear ratio options have been chosen, gears are being cut and hardened... 
The first pic shows damage to the gearbox casing. The gear lever rod goes into the brash bush in the top picture. 

And now it looks like this, taken from the side, you can still see the brass bush for the gear lever rod. The guy that did this is a welding magician. He could weld a haddock to a house-brick. This is 1920s oil-impregnated aluminium. It won't get finished off until the crankcase and sump are ready as well, then it can all be fettled to fit. I was hand-built and hand-fettled the first time round, and it'll have to be done like that again. At least all the holes will line up...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lofty takes over and a spare Rotax MT77 starter motor

My owner has been blogging about restoring me for four years, and it's getting a bit boring. So, I've decided to take over. I'm called "Lofty" because I spent so much time in his loft. I'm now the "proud" owner of a very rusty Rotax MT77 starter motor which will be my spare 'cos he swapped the last one he found for a flywheel and some clutch parts for me. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Door hinges and a Le Nivex gauge

A set of Sunbeam door hinges and stops (not pictured) and another Le Nivex Gauge - The Le Nivex gauge will be sold on with a surplus Le Nivex reproduction pump I have. I bought a set of seat runners as well.

At some point, unless I find a suitable body, I'm going to have to build one. I'll happily restore this car as a saloon if a Sunbeam saloon body turns up, othewise it will be restored as a Super Sports tourer.

Friday, 13 September 2013

A kigass priming pump

A very nice kigass pump from . A nice tight action and the valve springs and ball bearings are still in place.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A bargain and a BTH Changeover switch from Beaulieu 2013

I found a superb BTH changeover switch at the international Autojumble, used to switch from coil to magneto. This sits on the engine side of the bulkhead, with a control on the dashboard. This will go on the 3-Litre.

But find of the day (for me) was a 1920s brass Rotax switch panel cover for a fiver! I do love a bargain!

Friday, 6 September 2013

One day, I will have one like this

This is where I'm heading: two photos of a friend's car. Off to the Beaulieu International Autojumble tomorrow to see if I can find anything useful.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stainless steel Rudge Whitworth hubnuts

Four stainless steel Rudge Whitworth hubnuts. The real ones are steel with nickel plating, but these are much more practical with all the salt on the roads. You inevitably chip the nickel when you're putting these on / taking them off, then corrosion gets in.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

WANTED Vintage Rotax Claudel Hobson Sunbeam car body tourer saloon BTH CE6 CED6 magneto parts

These are the parts I'm still looking for:

Car body (20s) tourer or saloon etc.

Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam radiator
Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam oil pump
Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam dynamo cover

Anything Sunbeam 3-litre really!

Claudel Hobson AZP carburettors, in any condition - all parts are useful. Any CH carbs that have ZP in the name are of interest, MZP, CZP etc. etc.
Always interested in any vintage Rotax car parts however bad the condition, switchboard parts (especially Rotax FT26), Rotax cutouts, starter motor (especially Rotax MT65 Rotax MT77), dynamo (especially Rotax AT105), lamps and lights..., just send me a photo.

BTH CE6 and CED6 magnetos are always of interest...

There's a contact box on the front page of my blog,