Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Jaeger 0-120mph face

I've also bought this 0-120mph reproduction face for the Jaeger speedo. I'm not entirely sure it's the correct design, it may be slightly later, but it will do until I find a period one. It still has the protective cover on of course!

Oil Pressure gauge

And another instrument. This is the Oil Pressure Gauge. I only have a Smiths temp gauge to find now, or I could fit a reproduction one.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Le Nivex Gauge

After days of soaking in WD40 and working at it, I finally managed to get the corroded gauge open. It's in excellent condition inside, cleaned up nicely and now works perfectly.

Rotax K373 number two

This is a correct Rotax K373. I have a second, but that one isn't quite correct as the socket is at the back. This one has a beam adjuster at the back and the socket is below it.

The chassis is ready

Well, I now have a new chassis for the car (there are three in the picture). It's a perfect replica of a genuine twincam chassis. This means I now have a Sunbeam 20.9 chassis for sale.

I also have five more wheels. That means I have six usable wheels and a whole pile of hubs and rims. I'll sell some of the extra parts after the car is on the road.

20.9 Chassis for sale...