Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bonnet and some Rotax parts

Well I've just bought a bonnet. It's a replica, that was then replaced when the carburettors were replaced, the small bulge in the bonnet is for one of the carbs, and with different carbs, you need a different bulge.

It's in pretty good shape and I can replace it eventually, the point is it was pretty cheap!

I also have a Rotax switchbox. It's not the right one, but it has all the right parts, just in the wrong places. I can make up a backplate and reposition the parts if I have to. If I find a correct one, I can sell this one.

And finally, I have a pair of dash lamps. One is missing the cover, but that's relatively easy to make, and I've been offered a second on anyway so no problem.

The switchbox is brilliant. They are very hard to find and is a tick on my "tricky" parts list. The dashlamps too, not a very common type and to find two is fantastic news.

The bonnet is a very welcome bonus :o)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Klaxon

I've finally found the correct Klaxon (actually it wasn't - but I thought it was at the time!). Not all that much left to find now!
Well a lot to find really, but not that much more that's difficult to find. I'll pick the easy stuff up as and when I need it.
I'm now following up a lot of leads on the really difficult stuff too. It all takes time, finding someone who has a part you need, then persuading them to part with it, often by finding something they need as a swap. Otherwise these parts will have to be made.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Beaulieu 2009 day two

And I thought day one was good... I found a nice Autovac, very cheap. Too small actually, but the lid's in perfect condition, so are the internals, and there was really nice original push-pull tap on it which is worth having too.

And then at the very last stall - and I visited ALL the stalls - I found a CE6 magneto. I could not believe my luck. And he wanted a VERY reasonable price for it, and it had a fair spark.
Now admittedly it's the wrong rotation because it came off an Alvis, but that's no problem it can easily be reversed. I reckon it was the bargain of the day.

More Sunbeam bits

And more bits, a Sunbeam magneto switch, a bonnet catch (repro) although I have now been promised an original set of four, so I'll flog that one.

Then a Sunbeam rad cap and a Sunbeam Petrol filler pipe and cap. Both are too small I think, I'll put the cap on my 20.9 radiator and sell them together. Not sure about the pipe I may use that...


Ahhhhh. The Beaulieu Autojumble. Two utterly knackering days. I'd hate to think how far I walked. So on day one I managed to find a pair of Rotax start switches and a Nivex Petrol Gauge. All bargains, especially the two switches. Now I need to find the little dash pump and tank sender unit for the Nivex.

Got slightly sunburned too.

Then I added even more to my haul...
A Rotax MT77 starter motor, and a pair of Andre Hartford shocks. I'll need to repaint them, but they've been restores. These are the front ones with two interleaves, I need a pair of single interleaves for the rear.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Klaxon Bracket

Another part for the Twincam. I've just bought this Klaxon bracket - from Australia of all places. I expect I'll see a better one at Beaulieu at half the price. Such is life.