Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bonnet and some Rotax parts

Well I've just bought a bonnet. It's a replica, that was then replaced when the carburettors were replaced, the small bulge in the bonnet is for one of the carbs, and with different carbs, you need a different bulge.

It's in pretty good shape and I can replace it eventually, the point is it was pretty cheap!

I also have a Rotax switchbox. It's not the right one, but it has all the right parts, just in the wrong places. I can make up a backplate and reposition the parts if I have to. If I find a correct one, I can sell this one.

And finally, I have a pair of dash lamps. One is missing the cover, but that's relatively easy to make, and I've been offered a second on anyway so no problem.

The switchbox is brilliant. They are very hard to find and is a tick on my "tricky" parts list. The dashlamps too, not a very common type and to find two is fantastic news.

The bonnet is a very welcome bonus :o)

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