Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jaeger 0-120MPH speedo and a Smiths 30-100 temp gauge

Another two parts from eBay. The first is a Jaeger 0-120 speedo. Actually it's an old conversion, it has a Smiths 0-120 mechanism and a reproduction face in a Jaeger speedo case.I'll put a new bezel on it with a fake tripmeter knob where the filled in hole is and it'll go in the car. Or, I might put another mechanism in it. I'm not sure, but I'll keep this face and not the one I bought earlier, this is an old reproductioon, so it's faded and aged a bit and looks very convincing.

Then I got this, a Smiths 30-100 temp gauge. That's my dashboard complete :o)

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  1. Hi Alan,

    Very interested in where you got your new block cast, could you email me at