Sunday, 1 September 2013

WANTED Vintage Rotax Claudel Hobson Sunbeam car body tourer saloon BTH CE6 CED6 magneto parts

These are the parts I'm still looking for:

Car body (20s) tourer or saloon etc.

Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam radiator
Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam oil pump
Sunbeam 3-Litre twincam dynamo cover

Anything Sunbeam 3-litre really!

Claudel Hobson AZP carburettors, in any condition - all parts are useful. Any CH carbs that have ZP in the name are of interest, MZP, CZP etc. etc.
Always interested in any vintage Rotax car parts however bad the condition, switchboard parts (especially Rotax FT26), Rotax cutouts, starter motor (especially Rotax MT65 Rotax MT77), dynamo (especially Rotax AT105), lamps and lights..., just send me a photo.

BTH CE6 and CED6 magnetos are always of interest...

There's a contact box on the front page of my blog,

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