Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gearbox casing repairs, welding oil impregnated aluminium

Restoring a car like me is about running dozens of things in parallel and then bringing them all together. We're nowhere near ready for the gearbox yet, but repairs have started, gear ratio options have been chosen, gears are being cut and hardened... 
The first pic shows damage to the gearbox casing. The gear lever rod goes into the brash bush in the top picture. 

And now it looks like this, taken from the side, you can still see the brass bush for the gear lever rod. The guy that did this is a welding magician. He could weld a haddock to a house-brick. This is 1920s oil-impregnated aluminium. It won't get finished off until the crankcase and sump are ready as well, then it can all be fettled to fit. I was hand-built and hand-fettled the first time round, and it'll have to be done like that again. At least all the holes will line up...

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