Saturday, 29 August 2009

Some parts I had already

Although the car is very complete, there are a bunch of bits missing before I can reach the rolling chassis stage. This is essentially a running car without a body.
I have a Rotax MT65 starter motor from the 25hp, which will be perfect. I'd like another! I was also considering fitting a ki-gass pump to the 25hp so I had found one. The ki-gass pump connects directly to the petrol line and sprays petrol vapour into the inlet manifold. This make the cars easier to start from cold.
All the instruments are missing. I already had a spare speedo, although it's 0-85 instead of 0-120. I think it can be converted without too much trouble, but it will need a new face of course.

As luck would have it, I'd found a magneto switch from a Leyland Truck. It was perfect, apart from being engraved "Leyland" instead of "Sunbeam" of course! About three days before I first considered buying the twincam, I sold it to another twincam owner whose switch was very worn. Happily, he sold me the very worn one from his car which I will pick up at Beaulieu Autojumble in a couple of weeks. I have plenty of time to repair it, I doubt my twincam will hit the road before 2011.

Clocks aren't too tricky, I have about six now that I will select one from.

The next bit of fantastic luck was a really good find on . I found a rev counter. They're like hen's teeth! Not only that, it 's in perfect condition and was a very sensible price.

I have a clock that has "8 jours" instead of "8 days" so I'll probably use that face and continue the French "theme" as the rev counter is a French one.

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