Monday, 31 August 2009

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I actually bought the twincam a few months ago, so the next few posts are me rapidly catching up with the current situation. Before I bought the car, I needed to know what major parts were missing/damaged, major being very expensive to make/buy Basically, that came down to the chassis and the engine block These two parts would cost many £1000s each. I was told of a chassis for sale, and on that basis, decided to buy the car. Strictly speaking, the body should have been on that list too! The block was slightly suspect in that it had been used on another car (although the numbers match this car) and had had some problems, but I decided to take that risk. Blocks have been made for twincams before, so patterns existed.

So now I had the car in storage and I made a photographic list of the parts and started working out what I was missing. It's surprisingly not too long a list and I had some quick successes in locating some of the more difficult parts.

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